We offer services to help you fix an issue you’re having, and also services to help make sure your new building, addition, or deck are all squared away

Foundation Repair

Are you seeing cracked or bowing walls? Are your doors or windows sticking? Does the floor look or feel uneven? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you may need your foundation repaired or replaced. UtR have the Foundation Repair Experts to get the job done right!

Drain Installation or Repair

Keeping water away from your foundation and out of your home or other building is Priority #1, and UtR have Drain Installation and Repair Experts on staff to get this taken care of for you, and done right!

Building, Deck, or New-Addition Stabilization

No two-ways about it… Your building, deck, or new-addition NEED to be stable. UtR have Helical Pier installation Experts that can make sure everything stays rock-solid, and get the job done right!

Repair a DIY Project That Went Wrong

Let’s face it… sometimes DIY works, and sometimes well, it just doesn’t. At UtR, we don’t judge the DIY “expert” in any way 🤣 . We just send in our own experts to fix things up, and get the job done right!